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Vignettes of Yesteryear II

Vignettes of Yesteryear II

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As perceptive person looks around, wherever he is it can be sensed that what he is seeing is just the surface of a deeper story. As he looks at a tree he might question the tree's age and what it was like when that tree was seed. As he looks at a building
or a business he might question who built it, what was it used for: what was life like when...

It is sad that life passes and we do not record what it was like when... Vignettes of Yesteryear did just that in 2001, and now Vignettes of Yesteryear II has recorded scores of other facts, events and people that needed to be recorded.

Vignettes of Yesteryear II looks deeply into mundane items and tries to answer the question: what was it like when...

People come and go but history goes on forever. Vignettes of Yesteryear II has tried to
capture just a minuscule part of history before it is lost to the ravages of time.

Although Vignettes of Yesteryear II tells it as it was seen around Warren, Pennsylvania, in
a greater sense what is recorded here is common to Anywhere, USA.


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